PART 2: Where is Thor Now?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe likes to make us believe that the superheroes, people, and creatures in the films exist in real life. Of course, that’s not possible but it is nice to imagine that these entities are for real.

One way of making that possible is to release short clips and stories supposedly related to the films.

Screenshot from video by Marvel Entertainment / YouTube

Last year, Marvel Entertainment released a video of Thor with his roommate Darryl. It tried to explain why Thor wasn’t included in “Captain America: Civil War” when everyone else but him and the Hulk were there – plus some new additions, like Spiderman and Antman!

See – Marvel Finally Reveals Where Thor had been During the ‘Civil War’

This week, Marvel Entertainment once again released a video explaining where Thor is right now… but the update is quite hilarious! Can you guess where he is? Well, he’s still stuck with Darryl…

Check out this funny video and discover Marvel’s hilarious update of Thor’s whereabouts (and attitude):

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