Passersby Save Newborn Baby Dumped in Black Garbage Bag

A newborn baby with its umbilical cord still attached was found by some passersby thrown by the side of a street, crying inside a black garbage bag. Several passersby stopped to help, with one woman in a pink tracksuit donning a pair of gloves and moved the baby with care from the trash bin bag to a piece of cloth handed by another person. They soon discovered that the child’s placenta was also still attached to its umbilical cord!

A video clip of the incident was shared by YouTube user ann goodman, entitled, “Horrifying – Philippines Newborn baby dumped in a black bin bag” but netizens from the country denied this, with website Explicit Gists claiming this possibly happened in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia because of the language used by the people in the video.

Wherever this might have happened, whether in the Philippines or Cambodia, netizens feel strongly about the issue. After all, there are government agencies or non-government organizations in most countries that handle cases of unwanted children. The child’s parents could have given the child to these organizations so it could be cared for and given to a family who wants to adopt a baby.

Watch this heartbreaking video: