Paternity Test Reveals Unbelievable Find: Twins have DIFFERENT Fathers!

In Passaic County, New Jersey, a woman filed a lawsuit against the man who refused to send child support for their twin daughters. The court, through Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammad, naturally required that she produce proof this man was the children’s real father; so, a paternity test was done on both babies.

When the test results arrived, everyone was quite shocked by the result: the twins have different fathers! It certainly is a very rare occurrence but the DNA results do not lie. These girls really had different fathers. Considering they are twins, this is both weird and incredible!

Photo credit: savannalininger
Photo credit: savannalininger

Of course, as this case has proven, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant with twins from two different men after two eggs are fertilized in the same ovulation period. It is possible, yes, but also quite weird!

So, how did the judge rule on this case? Well, since the accused only fathered one of the twins, the judge decided that he only needed to support one, not both. What was outrageous, however, is the ruling that the man only owes the child $28 per week!

Netizens who learned of the news are now debating which one is more outrageous: that this woman got pregnant with twins by two different men or that the judge only ruled such a small amount of child support.

What do you think?