“Pay & Sit” Bench Angers Netizens, But Others Think it is ‘Perfect’ to Keep the Homeless People Away

Have you noticed how there are so many homeless people these days and that, sadly, they have ‘overtaken’ public spots such as park benches and waiting sheds?

This is a sad reality that must be addressed by local governments, not just to free up space for other people to use but to also keep these homeless people safe.

Photo credit: Fabian Brunsing / The Mary Sue

While many local governments are solving the problem by providing homeless shelters, there are also those who have a more aggressive stance on the issue. One way they do is to physically drive the homeless people out of these public resting spots while others impose heavy fines that are virtually impossible for these homeless people to pay.

So, the homeless end up in worse spots – and some have died due to the harsh conditions they are subjected to, including freezing in the coldest spots.

Photo credit: Fabian Brunsing / The Mary Sue

One design student named Fabian Brunsing was so frustrated by this aggressive, capitalist stand the government is taking against the homeless that he decided to create the “pay & sit” bench, an art installation protesting the government’s actions.

This unique bench had metal spikes all over the seat part. Anyone who wishes to use the bench should pay €0.50 ($0.60) into the coin slot to make the spikes retract.

Photo credit: Fabian Brunsing / The Mary Sue

Before the allotted time is up, you hear a loud buzzer that warns you to get up before the spikes rise up again and go back in place.

Netizens were quick to slam the makers of this cruel bench, saying this is an anti-homeless installation; although they failed to realize it was an art installation to protest the anti-homeless stance of the government.

Photo credit: Fabian Brunsing / The Mary Sue

But even those who knew the bench was an art installation promised to tear apart anything they would see that resembles this cruel furniture because it is inhumane.

Not all were angered by the bench, however; there were those who were actually happy about it and hoped more will be put up in the public parks to drive these homeless people away! Do you agree with that?

Check out this video of how the “Pay & Sit” bench works: