People Flock to the Streets to Watch This Weekly Parade…Hilarious but Adorable!

Every Saturday at 8 o’clock, there’s this adorable parade somewhere in the streets of The Netherlands involving a hilarious ensemble that would surely make you laugh.

As with all parades, a band precedes the participants – but the band in this parade is just comprised of two people, one marching ahead and the other taking up the rear. But it is not the band that will catch your attention and make you laugh for the participants are not your regular parade goers; they are not people, they are geese!

You just might question why these geese parade through the streets like that but this mystery is difficult to solve and just might lose its beauty if we ask why they are parading geese. So, let’s just take this at face value and enjoy the show.

This reminds me a bit of the Pied Piper of Hamelin; though there are two people involved and the “piper” is being followed by geese, not rats. LOL.

Check out this hilarious but adorable video: