People in Hawaii are Having an Amazing Time in This Giant Waterslide…It’s Illegal But Fantastic!

Despite being surrounded by barbed wire and plenty of warning signs against trespassing, Waimanalo Reservoir continues to attract scores of people who enjoy sliding down the steep plastic tarp walls.

Perhaps it is the thrill of danger and getting caught that push these people to sneak into the reservoir and slide down the sleek walls – and lots of videos are popping up on the web but those who are caught pay a huge fine and face charges of criminal trespassing in the second degree.

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As you can see in the video shared by a certain Josi Paula on Facebook, sliding down the plastic walls of the reservoir does look like fun but we warn everyone of the dangers of doing so should you happen to visit the island of Oahu in Hawaii and discover this waterhole.

Yes, the activity does look like a lot of fun but the seams of the plastic tarp are sharp and could easily cut through skin, especially wet skin! Moreover, there have been reports of accidents in the area, with a guy named Elijah Martin revealing he was paralyzed from the chest down because of an accident in the reservoir!

Check out this video and watch these young people having fun in this illegal waterslide:

That’s amazing! Does anyone know this place?

Posted by Josi Paula on Sunday, May 31, 2015