Photo of a Hugely Pregnant Mom Who Allegedly Gave Birth to 10 Babies Goes Viral

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in a woman’s life but it is also dangerous, especially if she’s pregnant with several babies. But while most multiple pregnancies are for twins, there are actually a number of women who get pregnant with as many as five or six babies!

The increased likelihood of getting multiple births these days is due to the increased use of fertility treatments such as ovulation pills and in vitro fertilization.

But while we have gotten used to seeing moms pregnant with multiple babies, those who get pregnant with more than six are often ostracized in society – getting more ******* than congratulatory greetings from people.

A post has gone viral on Facebook page Obaroblog of a woman with a very large, obviously pregnant belly. The post did not offer much information except that the woman gave birth to 10 “twins” [the proper term is probably ‘decaplets’].

Photo credit: Obaroblog / Facebook

Still, the post was difficult to verify, especially because in this day of social media and fast technological advances, more details of this woman’s unique pregnancy would have surely made it to the world’s headlines!

Moreover, Guinness World Records only lists “Octomom” Nadya Suleman as its official record holder for “Most children delivered at a single birth to survive.

Could it mean that the woman in the photo delivered all those babies but many or all did not survive? For now, we could only speculate on that as further information is not available. But if she really did carry those babies, isn’t it amazing that her body was able to have them all?