Photo of David Beckham Sewing a Dress for Daughter Harper’s Doll Goes Viral… What an Awesome Dad!

A lot of dads wouldn’t want to be caught **** while doing ‘girly’ things – even if it is for their own daughters and wives – since such could make them feel less masculine yet there are guys who do not really mind looking silly as long as their girls are happy.

Take for example retired sports star David Beckham who is known for being a doting dad to Harper, his only daughter. Not only does David take on his role as dad for Harper (and her three older brothers) with all seriousness, he also does not hesitate to do things that might appear to make him a bit feminine just for her sake.

So, he didn’t mind getting caught on camera by his wife Victoria as he was intently crafting a dainty dress for Harper’s doll!

He was intently doing some needlework on a tiny pink dress while religiously following a pattern spread out on his lap.

We really couldn’t help but admire David’s patience in making a dress for Harper’s dolls, especially considering that the family could easily afford to buy tons of new dresses for the dolls or even hire someone from Victoria’s clothing line to sew some for their daughter yet David chose to be a hands on daddy on this one. Isn’t that cool?

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