Photo of Outdoor Wake Beside Chapel Angers Netizens, Brings Help for Family

It is sad reality that when you don’t have money, there really is nothing much you can do in life because almost everything in this world comes with a price.

A poor family living in Brgy. Sambat in San Pascual, Batangas had no money and don’t have enough space at their makeshift home to hold their father’s wake. So, the wake was held outdoors at an open basketball court!

Photo credit: Mohan Schzeik / Facebook

What angered a lot of netizens is that the outdoor court was just next to a chapel. Why wasn’t the family allowed to use the chapel? The answer is sad: because they had no money.

Netizen John Carlos Acob shares a photo of the outdoor wake, showing two children who were viewing whoever was inside; some chairs were placed nearby. A water dispenser and some gallons of water were placed to the side – but all outdoors.

One could just imagine how hot it would be during the day, especially at noon time, and how everything would be wet if it rains. The photo angered netizens, especially because it was revealed that the spot was just near the chapel.

Photo credit: Conrado Magbato / Facebook

After the photo went viral, a local councilor arrived to put tents in the area and some added chairs. Plenty of people also arrived to pay their respects for the man whose wake went viral.

He was identified as Tatay Rolando Gonzales who perished after experiencing intense stomachache. A beggar, Tatay Rolando and his family had no money to buy medicines or to pay for treatment at the hospital.

Photo credit: Conrado Magbato / Facebook

In his passing, they also didn’t have money to pay for the chapel or put him in a better place, leading to the viral photo. But thanks to kind netizens who shared his story, Tatay Rolando had a decent wake in the next days and was interred at Bauan Catholic Cemetery.