Photo of Surgeon Receiving Treatment While Performing Surgery Goes Viral

Many of us really just take our doctors for granted, expecting them to save our lives or that of our family members, imposing on them our demands without thinking about the difficulties they also face.

This week, a doctor in China went viral after he was photographed receiving treatment while performing surgery.

The doctor was identified as Li Xin. The surgeon was performing a life-saving surgery on a patient at Chenzhou Children’s Hospital in Hunan Province of central China when he realized after 4 hours into the operation that he could not move his neck.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

As he was not yet finished with the operation and knew that it would take him at least a couple of hours more before he could get it done, the surgeon decided to seek help from his team of doctors instead of leaving the sick patient while he sought his own treatment.

So, while Surgeon Li Xin was performing surgery on his patient, another doctor also performed emergency anesthesia therapy injection on his neck.

The emergency treatment worked and the surgeon was able to continue with the operation which lasted for 9 hours. It was only after the surgery was finally completed and the patient deemed safe that the surgeon went for a full examination for his condition.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

It was amazing that he would put his patient’s life first even if it meant his condition could have gotten worse if he continued the operation while his neck was aching.

Photos of the poignant moment were posted on the Facebook page of China Global TV Network where these went viral. Many netizens expressed amazement over this doctor’s dedication, saying that this is among the untold stories that happen behind closed doors in operating rooms.

We don’t know that our doctors are also suffering from their own problems but they choose to put their patients’ lives first. Kudos to all doctors!

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