Photographer Makes Shocking Discovery after 10 Years of Photographing the Homeless

Life brings a lot of surprises…and sometimes springs those bombshells in ways we least expect them to happen.

Such happened to Diana Kim, a photographer from the island of Maui in Hawaii, who holds so much passion for the homeless that she has been photographing them for 10 years. What she did not know is that her life would be changed by this passion, for she made a shocking discovery: her dad is among these homeless people!

She has not seen her dad after her parents split yet Diana did not expect to find him among the homeless in Honolulu! What was even more touching about this discovery is the fact that it was him who taught Diana how to use a camera and influenced her passion in taking photos. How pleasant it is that the hobby he taught her would lead to their reunion…

Photo credit: Bored Panda/Diana Kim
Photo credit: Bored Panda/Diana Kim

Although she had found him, the old man was adamant he stay in the streets and was too stubborn for Diana to do anything more than bring him food from time to time. He was also suffering from severe schizophrenia and was not always responsive to Diana. She wants to have him treated but he continually refused.

It was not until around two years after Diana found him in the streets that the old guy finally consented to treatment – but only because he suffered a heart attack in the streets and was taken to the hospital. It was blessing in disguise.

After treatment, Diana’s dad looks quite unrecognizable from the homeless guy she found in the streets. He also found new purpose in his life and is now enjoying his old hobby of photography, thanks to Diana’s old camera.

Watch his amazing transformation here:

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