Photos of Elderly Man Giving His Wife a Piggyback Ride Along a Busy Street Will Make Your Heart Melt

In a generation where there are unending challenges of modern relationships, it is always refreshing to come across a couple whose love can prove that can stand the test of time. This is what true love looks like. Photos of an elderly man giving his wife a piggyback ride across a busy street in Beijing have gone viral, melting the hearts of those who saw these. All I can say is, it’s hard to beat elderly couples when it comes to pure adorableness.

The series of photos were taken at an intersection in Beijing’s Daxing District, reports Shanghaiist. The woman initially appears to have trouble walking and is hunched over. Then, her partner then bends over and gives her a piggyback ride across the road. While there is no way of telling if they were indeed married or even a real couple, it is simply beautiful to view such a display of love and affection toward another person. I think the photos should be best placed under the hashtag #relationshipgoals.

Melting the hearts of many netizens, the photos illustrate what most couple aspire to have in their relationship: to stay happily together, even in old age.

Their love can not be surpassed. It is built up over time like a mountain,” commented one netizen.

When I get that old, I hope I will have someone that loves me that much,” wrote another.

Look at the touching photos below:

Photo credits: Shanghaiist

At first, the lady was seen as though she was having some difficulty walking, while her husband assists her.

Photo credits: Shanghaiist

Then, in the next photo, her husband is seen bending over and gets her across his back, giving her a piggyback ride along the busy streets of Beijing.

Photo credits: Shanghaiist

Awwwwww, what an adorable couple they are. I hope I get to experience that kind of love when I grow old.

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