Photos of Kids Sleeping at Soldier Dad’s Grave, Hugging His Headstone Make Netizens Cry

The ***** of a parent can be really puzzling and difficult for kids, especially if they are still quite young. It is hard to imagine how the kids can cope with the loss and trying to understand why their parent would no longer wake up and come back to their house again.

Kait Brazel of Colorado Springs managed to make a rather sweet explanation about her husband’s passing to their kids.

When Staff Sgt. Alfred “Fred” Brazel, 37, died of stage 4 rectal ****** last July, Kait knew she had to make a good explanation to her sons Mason and Mylan, aged 8 and 5.

Photo credit: Kait Brazel / Facebook

I tell them, ‘We are here as tools for God. God knew that Daddy was a really strong person, and there were some people God couldn’t reach unless he used Daddy as a tool.’ That’s how we went with it and how we justified it. That’s what we believe,” she told ABC News.

With that wonderful explanation, the family did not feel that Fred’s ***** was a sad thing but it was, of course, understandable that the kids would miss their father.

When they went to visit his grave at the Arlington National Cemetery for the first time, the kids said they felt that their daddy was still there.

Photo credit: Kait Brazel / Facebook

We brought a blanket. Mylan said he felt like he could feel his daddy, and he wanted to take a nap with him. He is laying there taking a nap with his dad and Mason is beside him praying. They took time together with each other and I just stood back,” Kait revealed.

Touched by this sweet moment, Kait snapped some photos which she uploaded on social media. She also revealed that the boys ‘talked’ to their dad as if he was there, telling him about their accomplishments in school and the sports they love to do.

After spending time at the grave, the family got ready to get back to their truck and make the 24-hour trip back to their home but Kait was touched to see Mylan running back to the grave to hug his dad’s headstone.

Photo credit: Kait Brazel / Facebook

I felt proud while we were there. Obviously it was sad because the boys are talking to their dad and he can’t talk back, but really I’m proud because throughout the fight our goal was to be realistic with the boys without the losing their innocence as children,” Kait added.