Photos of Philippine Public Market That Looks Like a Mall Impress Netizens

Photos of a recently opened public market in the Philippines went viral because it does not look like a public market at all but more like a mall!

With beautifully crafted ceilings and lovely lighting fixtures, one might think this place was a mall; yet the photos were actually taken at Limay Public Market in Limay, Bataan. The impressive photos were shared by netizen Mark Anthony Muico Millare.

In his post, Mark Anthony joked that this was Limay Public Market (Mall) – and many netizens could not help but agree with him and feel impressed by the beauty of this place.

Photos by Mark Anthony Muico Millare / Facebook

When one thinks of public markets, what easily comes to mind are wet, dirty floors and badly designed stalls; however, Limay Public Market could easily compete with the best public markets in the world!

The stalls have tiles and are set apart from each other. There are also individual lights on each stall, with faucets the vendors could use for their goods. It was clear that this place was planned out well to ensure that the stalls provide ample space for the vendors to display their goods, enough amenities to keep the place clean, and a welcoming atmosphere that would bring back the buyers.

Photos by Mark Anthony Muico Millare / Facebook

Instead of going to the grocery stores in the malls, perhaps the locals will now love going to this beautiful public market instead.

Just opened last June 26, the new public market was built over the tennis courts beside the old public market.

Photos by Mark Anthony Muico Millare / Facebook

According to Mark Anthony, the old public market will still be used as the wet market while dry goods will be moved to the new public market. Meanwhile, the second floor of the mall-like public market will be utilized as a canteen – now that would complete its mall-like appeal as a food court will be there for the diners. Wow.

What do you think of this mall-like public market?

Source: Mark Anthony Muico Millare / Facebook