‘Photoshop Marks’ Spotted on Photos of Angelina Jolie Wannabe

Photos of a young lady who underwent over 50 cosmetic surgeries just to look like Angelina Jolie have circulated on the web these past few days, gathering mixed reactions from netizens.

Many believe the young woman, 19-year-old Sahar Tabar, had just ruined her otherwise beautiful face when she underwent all those cosmetic procedures just to look like her idol. A lot of netizens think she went too far because she looks nowhere near Angelina yet one eagle-eyed netizen spots some irregular ‘Photoshop marks’ on the photos, leading many to question whether Sahar actually looks this way in reality.

Hola com’è estreas? ميان دورو ورم همه فنام🌹💝😈👾👅

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On Reddit, user Zaza9000 wrote that while he believes Sahar did undergo some cosmetic procedures, he argues that the young woman probably used Photoshopped to make her photos more quirky. Perhaps for internet fame?

He wrote:

I do believe she got plastic surgery, but it’s more or less makeup and extremely exaggerating her features that she got done. I’ve yet to figure out why other than just internet attention and fame. I kinda took it for face value, something you should never do and i ran with it.

Photo credit: Sahar Tabar Official / user Zaza9000 – Reddit

Aside from wearing the strange white contact lenses to supposedly copy Angelina’s eyes but made her look weird, the Redditor thinks Sahar is simply exaggerating her features using Photoshop techniques.

Do you think that might be possible? Well, Zaza9000 pointed out some spots that were most likely ‘Photoshop marks’ on one of the photos. Perhaps he’s right.

She certainly looks beautiful here:

پوووول ميزنه بووووش زير دماغم👅😈🙊👾🙂💖

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No one is really sure what cosmetic procedures Sahar has gone through but perhaps she doesn’t look as strange and far off from Angelina as she first wanted to show on social media…

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