Pinoy Kid Throws ‘Stranger Things’-Themed Party But None Showed Up, Stars Offer Comfort

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun events. Parents would do everything to give their children the best party they want, at the budget they can afford, of course.

A Pinoy kid living in California, named Aaron, threw a ‘Stranger Things’-themed party and invited his classmates but none showed up to the party. Feeling bad after seeing her brother looking disappointed, Twitter user @ayenalambat posted photos on the event on social media.

Photo credit: @ayenalambat / Twitter

My brother invited 8 of his classmates for his stranger things themed bday party & none of their punk selves showed up,” she wrote.

But Twitter is a great place to post things like that because netizens would soon retweet the post, also feeling sorry for Aaron. Soon enough, the tweet got the attention of no less than ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown.

Photo credit: @ayenalambat / Twitter

What!!!!  Oh Well You can let them all know that everyone on behalf (of) Stranger things would’ve come! I think your awesome and next year I would like an invite… Please? 😘😘😘,” Brown wrote. We’re quite sure Aaron feels quite happy now that one of the show’s stars replied to his sister’s Twitter post regarding his birthday party.

Things would look even brighter for Aaron as more stars Tweeted their support. Gaten Matarazzo promised to bring chocolate pudding, if the stars get an invite on Aaron’s next birthday. Wow!

Photo credit: @ayenalambat / Twitter

Other celebrities also offered comfort and support. It seems that this kid’s birthday party next year will be a star-studded one! But that’s not the most important thing here – it is the fact that people are standing up and coming together to help someone, a kid, feel much better. It’s proof that humanity still exists.

Guess his classmates would now want to get invites for his next birthday – but they most likely won’t! Oooops.