Plane Gets Diverted after Passengers had Fist Fight Because One Wouldn’t Stop Farting Loudly

All passengers would totally understand when a flight makes an unscheduled stop or gets diverted due to a medical emergency on board or, God forbid, something related to terrorism but how would you feel if yours makes a stop due to people fighting over trivial matters? Sigh.

A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam made an unscheduled stop after two of its passengers had a fist fight because one wouldn’t stop farting loudly.

According to reports, minutes into the flight, the passenger began farting loudly. It offended two Dutchmen sitting nearby. One asked him to stop but he apparently wouldn’t.

While this stinky situation could have been avoided had the farting man gone to the toilet to empty his bowels, he refused to do so and wouldn’t stop farting so loudly that his seatmate just got so angry he was challenged to a fist fight.

It’s gross, really, and so embarrassing to be fighting over fart but the stinky situation just got worse because the two wouldn’t stop bickering despite interference from the crew.

Seeing that the two men wouldn’t settle the matter amicably, the pilot of Transavia Airlines HV6902 service decided to land in Vienna.

Photo credit: CEN / UNILAD

The two men were escorted off the flight by cops in Austria but two ladies on the same row were also asked to get off the plane. The two ladies were rather indignant that they were included, especially because they weren’t even involved in the fight but had the misfortune of being on the same row as the guys who had a fist fight – they didn’t even know those guys!

It was crazy that we were included, we had no idea who these boys were, we just had the bad luck to be in the same row and we didn’t do anything,” said a woman identified only as Nora L due to privacy restrictions. Her sister was also removed from the flight.

The two ladies were from Rotterdam while the two guys removed from the flight were also identified to be Dutchmen. It was unclear as of press time whether the farting guy was among the two guys removed from the flight or if the two escorted out of the plane were the friends who felt offended due to his excessive (and loud) passing of gas.

A Transavia Airlines spokesman informed local media that all four have been issued a ban from traveling on the airline.