Policeman Braves Freezing Cold Weather to Save Baby Abandoned in a Park

On a cold, freezing day, the Dongcheng Police Station in Chuxiong, Yunnan Province in China received a call about a crying baby boy abandoned at the Futa Park.

The police arrived at the reported location and one of the officers named Wu Yu, discovered the infant shivering because of the intense cold of the night. He also noticed that the baby’s lips have turned purple and kicked off his clothing while he was crying.

Without any second thoughts, Wu Yu took off his own uniform and coat and wrapped it around the body of the freezing infant. He embraced the baby closer to his chest and did what he could to keep him warm.

Image from the Weibo account of Yunnan Police

While still topless, the police immediately brought the baby to the nearest hospital for treatment. Doctors estimate the baby to be around 20 days old, at that time. Aside from suffering from hypothermia due to the freezing temperature at the park, the baby had no external injuries or physical defects. He is now in a stable condition.

Authorities are now looking for the parents of the baby boy who, allegedly, abandoned him at the park.

Photos of the search and rescue were uploaded to the Weibo account of the Yunnan Police and the netizens applauded the policeman for his quick action and selfless act.