Policeman Charges an Elderly Vendor After Operating an Illegal Stall: Urges Her to Pay the Fine Using His Own Money!

If you have noticed, the government begins to be stricter when it comes to implementing traffic rules and regulations. We can see traffic enforcers and policemen clearing the streets from illegal street vendors that cause traffic congestion.

One of the countries in Asia with walkways and streets full of illegal stalls is Taiwan. It is not a surprise as the country is known to be a food haven. Once a vendor is caught, they need to pay fines.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

A policeman charges fine to a grandmother who’s operating an illegal stall along the road. But what he did next is unexpected. It garnered various reactions online.

An unnamed netizen shared the story of a policeman who caught an elderly woman operating an illegal stall. Once there was a policeman walking down the street, illegal stall operators immediately packed up their things and escaped the vicinity. However, while the elderly vendor was packing her things, she was moving slowly due to her old age and was unable to escape.

The policeman caught her and explained that she violated the law. The grandmother pleaded not to issue a fine but the cop remorselessly issued a fine. He even urged her to pay it.

[Image Credit: Good Times]

After the police issued the violation slip to her, he suddenly pulled out NT$2,000 and gave it to the elderly vendor.

The grandmother refused to accept the money but the kind policeman insisted for her and take it then walked away.

[Image Credit: Good Times]

The policeman’s action earned praises from netizens. As a matter of fact, people from Taiwan explained that almost 99.99 percent of their policemen are kindhearted but they still perform all their duties and responsibilities. If we are to base it on the action of this cop, we couldn’t agree more!

If we have these kinds of policemen in the country, for sure, everyone would be happy!