Policeman Helps Tourist Recover Phone Dropped in Lake at Burnham Park, Does it for Free

It is impressive how there are people who go beyond the call of duty to help others in need, even if that means jumping into a deep lake to retrieve a stranger’s phone!

That’s what a policeman in Baguio City did after a tourist dropped his phone at the lake inside Burnham Park – and he did it for free!

In a post on Facebook, Andrew Borquil Tanghal shared that he accidentally dropped his phone while getting off the boat after having fun at the man-made Burnham Lake at Burnharm Park.

Photo credit: Andrew Borquil Tanghal / Facebook

With the phone holding so many precious memories, Andrew wanted to retrieve it so badly, but was told that the lake is 9ft deep, has itchy water, and contains plenty of glass bottles at the bottom. The old man taking care of the boats told him that the usual price of retrieving dropped items in the lake is Php5,000; however, he supposedly knows someone who would do it for Php1,500.

Photo credit: Andrew Borquil Tanghal / Facebook

But even with Php1,500, Andrew was unsure if he could part with his money because he might end up getting stranded in Baguio City because he wouldn’t have fare for the trip back home.

A young policeman who witnessed the tourist’s distress over the phone offered to recover it for him – without asking for any monetary compensation. Instead, the policeman simply asked Andrew to buy him a pair of boxers so he could have something to change to after jumping into that cold lake.

Photo credit: Andrew Borquil Tanghal / Facebook

Indeed, the water in that lake was cold and itchy, but this policeman went beyond the call of duty to help the distraught tourist. Despite the dark, murky waters in the deep lake, the policeman was able to recover the cellphone.

Photo credit: Andrew Borquil Tanghal / Facebook

Napakaimportante ng mga memories sa cellphone ko, kaya masayang masaya ako nung nakuha nya. Sobrang ginaw na ginaw sya at hindi ko alam kung paano ko sya pasasalamatan. Napicturan kopa sya bago lumabo yung camera ng cellphone ko sa back dahil nagmoist,” Andrew shared on his Facebook account.

“Nakakatuwa yung ganitong tao na walang hinihiling kapalit kahit napakahirap ng naitulong! Sana marami pang ganitong tao! Sobrang proud kami sayo sir! Maraming salamat po! Godbless you sir!

A thankful Andrew took photos of the policeman to thank him for his good deed; though in his excitement to get the phone back, it seemed he was not able to take the cop’s name. But netizens are hoping he would go viral and receive the reward he so greatly deserved!

Photo credit: Andrew Borquil Tanghal / Facebook

Kudos to you, Sir!

Sources: Andrew Borquil Tanghal / Facebook, RachFeed