Politician’s Funeral Procession Features 50 Pole Dancers on Top of Jeeps

Funeral processions are normally solemn events but a politician in Taiwan didn’t get one of those normal ones.

Former Council Speaker Tung Hsiang of Chiayi County wanted his memorial to be hilarious. So his son granted his request and set up a ‘hilarious’ funeral parade featuring 50 pole dancers performing on top of jeeps.

Photo: STR / AFP / Getty Images

While some find this hilarious, it is certainly not a universal opinion. People who are unfamiliar with the practice find it shocking and conservative people think it is inappropriate.

The procession also includes the traditional totems, bands, luxury cars and flag bearers. It was also a tribute for Tung’s fascinations of crowded places.

Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Surprisingly, this practice is not new in Taiwan. According to anthropologist Marc Moskowitz of University of South Carolina, the pole parade became popular during the economic boom in the 1980s. During those times, it was primarily done only by gangsters but later became a norm to the common folk.

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