Poor 2-Year-Old Toddler Loses Hair Because of Overwhelming Amount of Stress in Studying

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children; we want them to achieve their dreams and aspirations, have a healthy body, and study in the most prestigious schools.

Unfortunately, the parents of this 2-and-a-half-year-old toddler known as ‘Tong Tong’ have gone too far in providing him with proper education. He was enrolled in five pre-kindergarten classes in hopes he’ll make the cut for elite kindergarten.

Two months ago, his mother notices that he started losing hair when she examined his pillow. She continued to monitor his hair and realized that her son often sweats and wakes up at midnight At first, they thought that Tong Tong was suffering from calcium deficiency so they tried to give him store-bought supplements – his head had four or five coin-sized bald points.

Image: World of Buzz

Unfortunately, after two weeks, his hair began falling off in patches. So his mother brought him back to her hometown in Wuhan to see a skin specialist in the First Hospital of Wuhan dermatology. Doctor Goh diagnosed the toddler with ‘alopecia areata’ which is a common autoimmune condition that causes hair loss on the scalp and face.

Surprisingly, this affects adults and teenagers. Doctor Goh said that Tong Tong is the youngest patient the hospital has ever had with such condition.

Image: World of Buzz

After Doctor Goh extracted more information, Tong Tong’s mother began to reveal that a kindergarten in Shanghai is requiring to take the examination before enrolling the kid and the competition is tough so in order for her son to answer all the questions and to have a sure spot in the kindergarten next year, she enrolled him in 5 English classes, mathematics, piano, drawing and host training classes.

She added that all of these lessons were necessary because she was afraid that her son might lose out to other kids if she didn’t enroll him in classes. She further explained that whenever her son refuses to study, she would say this to encourage him:

You must study hard to get placed (in the kindergarten),” according to World of Buzz.

After hearing the shocking revelation of the mother, the doctor advised her to cut down those classes because her son’s hair loss was most likely caused by the overwhelming amount of stress from the classes he is taking. The doctor also advised them to de-stress the toddler once they went home.