Poor Chinese Boy Gets Frozen Hair after Walking 3 Miles in Freezing Cold Just to Go to School

While many of us enjoy reliable transportation, either public or private vehicles, there are many others in the world who have to rely on their own legs to carry them to places several miles away from their homes.

In a rural area in China, one boy had frozen hair after walking 3 miles in the freezing cold just so he could go to school!

The poor kid was identified as 8-year-old Wang Fuman from Shaoton, Yunnan province in China. He lives in a mud hut with his grandmother and sister. His mother left them when he was still very young while his dad was forced to work far to meet their needs.

Photo credit: Asia Wire / LAD Bible

With no means for transportation in their area and not having sufficient clothes to combat the freezing cold, Fuman had to trudge through the snow with just his jacket but no gloves to cover his hands and bonnet for his head.

The poor kid didn’t want to miss a day in school even if he has to walk 3 miles to get there.

On the day of the first final exams, the temperatures had dropped to -9 °C but the boy still went to school. He arrived at his classroom with frozen hair and rather flushed, nearly bruised cheeks.

Choosing to remain positive despite his condition, Fuman made faces at his classmate and readily accepted the laughs he was getting for having frozen hair. It was his teacher who snapped the photo and shared it on social media where the boy was greatly praised for his diligence despite the situation.

Photo credit: Asia Wire / LAD Bible

According to his teacher, the family is so poor that they could not afford to buy proper winter clothes. The boy’s grandmother still works in the farm and he helps out regularly, resulting on his dirty, calloused fingers.

A number of people have since pledged to provide little Fuman with warm clothes so he wouldn’t be frozen again when going to school.