This Poor Couple’s Cake Might be the Simplest in the World But it is Very Inspiring

They had no money to pay for a traditional wedding cake with white icing, fancy bride-and-groom toppers, and pretty flowers or ribbons yet one couple became a great inspiration for many people across the world for their simple but very inspiring alternative.

Instead of taking loans so they could afford a fancy wedding cake to impress their family and friends, the two remained true to themselves and worked within their budget – even if it meant settling for a 3-tiered cake made of sliced bread and some butter!

Photo credit: Nollywood Babes
Photo credit: Nollywood Babes

It is great how these two did not try to impress anybody by pretending to have a lot of money to afford an expensive cake because they clearly did not have much. They knew that in a wedding, although the cake takes centerpiece in the reception party and everyone would be looking at it, it still takes second place to the bride and her groom.

Yes, the couple’s union is more important than the cake! Of course, those who can afford it can splurge all they want but for this poor couple, the bread cake was all they could afford – and it served them truly well.

Other people might be laughing at them for their simple cake, possibly the simplest wedding cake in the world, yet the couple does not mind because their love and the marriage they share are more important.

Let the others laugh because at the end of the day, this couple did not have to pretend to have money and did not let others dictate how they should spend their meager income just to please people…