Poor-Looking Guy Gets Rejected at Luxury Car Dealership, Surprises Agents by Buying Porsche

It is a sad reality in this life that people are judged based on appearance, especially when inside business establishments offering expensive things.

Overweight and looking rather poor, one vlogger did a social experiment to check how sales agents will react to his appearance and if they would entertain him the same way they might talk to rich clients.

The moment he stops outside the dealership in his rickety hatchback, a sales staff firmly told him the spot was only reserved for clients. He was immediately asked his monthly salary when he began asking about a Lamborghini.

Photo credit: YouTube / maxman.tv

Giving him a once over, a woman could be heard asking whether he was looking for someone at the dealership.

Not for one moment did anyone think that he was there to buy a car, especially because the dealership specialized on luxury vehicles like Lamborghinis and Bentleys.

Photo credit: YouTube / maxman.tv

The sales agents were hesitant to talk to him, with one guy not even allowing him to touch the car. He was told that the vehicle had only been recently polished and that he couldn’t touch it.

Most of those he talked to didn’t even let him check out the interior of the vehicles; although one lady let him do it and quite hesitantly agreed to take his photos while he posed inside the vehicle for his Instagram account, he told her.

But when the sales agents just wouldn’t let him check out the vehicles he wanted or even properly discuss with him the merits of the vehicles he said he would buy, he loudly called someone and asked to be picked up at the dealership because he wanted to test drive the car he had been eyeing.

Photo credit: YouTube / maxman.tv

You could just see the sales agents’ jaws drop when the ‘poor’ guy was picked up by a lady in a Porsche. He loudly told the girl that this dealership wouldn’t let him check out the cars so he decided to buy the Porsche. Oooops.

While this was, of course, just a social experiment, it does happen in real life, right?

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