Popular Tourist Town Bans Picture-Taking to Avoid the Spread of ‘Envy’ Online

Bergün, a town in Switzerland just implemented a new ordinance that bans tourist from taking photos and it makes perfect sense.

This picturesque town looks like something straight out of fairy tales. The views are stunning and they are guaranteed must-share pictures on social media.

Too bad, the folks in the town want the visitors to appreciate the views without their mobile phones.

The following sign now appears in the town: “Photographs of our picturesque landscape, shared on social media, can make others unhappy because they themselves cannot be here.

Looks like the people here understand how social media works. They don’t want their beautiful town to become a promoter of ‘envy’ in the social media. Nor they want their town to be used as a ‘taunt object’ by travel bloggers who are always on permanent vacations.

Bergün, Switzerland. Photo: Mirror
Bergün, Switzerland. Photo: Mirror

However, tourists are known to defy rules and they are now taking selfies on the sign that disallows them to take pictures.

Are they really serious on the reason why they ban picture-taking or is this just a marketing ploy to attract more tourists? Hmmmmmmm.