Possessed Doll? Caught on Video: Paranormal Activity Showing Moving Doll and Flying Objects in the Room

This is not for the faint-hearted. Security footage captured what seems to be a ‘poltergeist’ scaring a little girl as she played alone in a room. Eerie home security footage show a doll twisting its head sideways before objects moved and fly in another room.

The girl’s father set-up the security cameras after she complains that something is bothering her.

The timestamp of the video shows it was captured last September. However, the video was just uploaded recently at it immediately went viral.

The first clip shows the girl playing alone but she was unaware when the doll moved its head sideways. The second clip shows the girl writing something on a paper when some of the papers moved on its own leaving the girl terrified and ran away. When she came back, the rest of the things above the table moved and dropped on the floor. The table also moved by itself.

Some people online are skeptical and think it is staged and edited. However, it is still scary for those who are afraid of the supernatural. What do you think?

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