Powerful Video Shows What Happens When Online Bullying is Taken in Real Life

Monica Lewinsky called herself as one the first victims of cyber-bullying after her affair with former US President, Bill Clinton. The then 22-year-old intern found herself at the receiving end of a barrage of hateful comments and cruel jokes.

Image capture of video via Pablito’s Way’s YouTube Account

Several years after that incident, Lewinsky has become a driving force in an anti-bullying movement. This week, the 40-year-old together with US ad agency BBDO New York debuted an anti-bullying public service announcement, In Real Life, that features actors repeating online comments from various platforms especially social media sites.

Image capture of video via Ted’s Youtube account

The short film asks the question: “If this behavior is unacceptable in real life, why is it so normal online?

Image capture of video via In Real Life’s YouTube Account

All the words said by the bully actors were actually taken from real comments from real people on social media channels.

The internet is an incredible tool that has allowed for unprecedented connection and the instant sharing of ideas. But in occupying a disembodied, digital space, we also risk losing our humanity and forgetting that other people are beyond the screen,” said Lewinsky.

This campaign is a wake up call to remind people that our instincts for empathy and caring are still strong. We just need to consciously extend that thinking online.

Watch the video below.