Praise Pours in for Hero Firefighter Who Died in Blast after Rescuing Passengers of Crashed Emirates Plane

When an Emirates plane crash-landed at the Dubai National Airport last Wednesday, it was not only the crew who worked hard to save the passengers but firefighters and other quick-response teams also boarded the plane to fight the fire and bring everyone to safety.

Indeed, all the 282 passengers and 12 cabin staff of the plane were successfully evacuated to safety but as the firefighters stood their ground to put out the fire, the aircraft exploded. While the rest of the firefighters were able to escape the explosion, Jassim Isa Al Balush was sadly caught in the blaze.

The raging inferno claimed the firefighter’s life even after he saved so many others.

Screenshot from @khaleejtimes/Twitter - Inquirer
Screenshot from @khaleejtimes/Twitter – Inquirer

For his heroic deeds and “ultimate sacrifice”, the General Civil Aviation Authority said (GCAA) paid him tribute and recognized his bravery.

In a statement, the GCAA said, “This Boeing 777 flight was carrying 282 passengers with 18 crew members on board. We are however, very sad to announce that one of the firefighters lost his life while saving the lives of the others. On behalf of the General Civil Aviation Authority, I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to the family of deceased. I salute his ultimate sacrifice that kept many from harm’s way. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

The incident is still under investigation but several experts point to pilot error as reason why the plane crashed.

“It is good that the crew got everybody off the plane but a Boeing 777 has been written off. This just should not happen. It looks to me like this is an issue of not very good airmanship,” said aviation expert Anthony Davis.