Pregnant Wife with Huge Debt after Husband Leaves Her for Another Woman, Gets Amazing Surprise from Kindhearted Strangers

Most couples get married so they can have a family and raise their own kids but, sadly, things do not always go as planned. For instance, there are millions of couples who wish to have kids yet can’t get pregnant no matter how hard they tried and no matter how much money they spend on various procedures.

Now, a woman named Amanda from Sydney, Australia also suffered a similar fate. For years, she and her husband tried to have a baby but she suffered so many miscarriages and they used up their savings for the treatments.

But after 3 years of trying, Amanda finally conceived! It was a joyful moment for the couple.

To celebrate their new family, Amanda and her husband bought a new house and had it renovated to fit the needs of their new baby. After two months of renovations, they were finally able to move in – just a couple of months before the baby arrives.

Photo by KIIS 1065 / YouTube

Sadly, a terrible thing happened: the husband left Amanda for another woman! What a heartless guy!

Heavily pregnant and in huge debt, Amanda did not know what to do. The baby would be arriving soon yet she didn’t even know if she could afford paying the hospital or whether she and the baby would have a house to live in afterwards as the bank could foreclose the property if she couldn’t pay the mortgage!

At the lowest point of her life, Amanda found a ray of sunshine in KIIS 1065, a local radio station who surprised her with stuff she needs for the new baby. But the radio station knew that baby things are the only ones Amanda would need – so, they also gave her a good amount of money which they hid in the oven to surprise her!

What a beautiful surprise for this lovely woman who had been through such a terrible situation…

Watch the lovely moment here: