Pregnant Woman Deliberately Trips Hyperactive Child, Boy Suffers Bump on the Head

We all know that kids can be quite hyperactive, running around the place without thought of what could happen if they accidentally hit other people or things that might fall on them as well as on others. It is also possible for them to fall down and get injured.

But as adults, we should be more patient on kids and their playful ways. After all, that’s really how kids are – and for sure, many of us were once as playful and hyperactive as these kids are.

One woman at a restaurant in Baoji City, NW China recently earned the internet’s ire after she deliberately tripped a hyperactive child on his way to the door.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

What’s really crazy is that the woman was actually pregnant! A lot of netizens would later comment that this woman does not deserve to have a baby, especially because she definitely has no patience for a hyperactive kid and was actually willing to put a kid in danger!

In the CCTV footage taken inside the restaurant, the little kid entered through what appeared to be a transparent plastic curtain hung over the doorway. But because he was in a hurry and was quite careless in moving the curtain, it hit the pregnant lady.

Angered over the boy’s careless actions, the woman plotted her revenge. It was clear that she was planning to trip the boy because she began to move her left leg to and fro, in anticipation of his movements back towards the door.

As the kid moved towards the door, running, the woman quickly extended her leg. Her plan worked; the boy stumbled and hit his head on the floor.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

His mother swiftly moved to help him up. He was rushed to the hospital. It was later revealed that the kid had a congenital heart defect and that his parents were thankful he survived the fall despite bumping his head.

The pregnant woman was said to have apologized from the family after the incident but the damage has been done. A lot of people are saying they wish something similar would happen to her baby because she’s evil but we do not wish that on the kid. We could only hope she learned a lesson from the incident.

Others blamed the kid’s parents for not making him disciplined enough but who else here didn’t run around as a kid, anyway?

Watch the CCTV footage here, via CGTN: