Premature Twins Separated for 7 Weeks Hold Hands upon Meeting Again…So Sweet

Born just two pounds each and experiencing complications arising from being just 26 weeks gestation at birth, twins Lily and Grace had to be separated. They had breathing difficulties and Lily developed an infection. For 7 weeks they were kept apart in separate incubators.

It was heartbreaking to watch but parents Hannah and David knew it was for the best. Both babies battled for their lives apart in all those weeks…until one day when the doctors gave the go signal to let them stay together in one incubator. It was a beautiful moment!

Having been together in the womb for 26 weeks, these two instinctively recognized each other – and small as they were, they knew just how to comfort the other. Immediately, the two were holding hands! They held hands for a long time and continued to hold hands for most of the two months they spent at the hospital.

It seems that the deep connection between the two strengthened them both. Hannah believes it is this strong bond that helped the two survive. Although the odds were against them, they were able to beat everything and survive. These two are now healthy toddlers who clearly adore each other – and they are always holding hands and inseperable…

Check out their photos here:

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