Pretty Little Girl’s Reaction to Surprise Pet Gift from Mom, Takes Internet by Storm

A little girl had a pet cat who’s also her bff (best friend forever) but the animal died earlier in the year, much to her utter devastation. Knowing that she really loves cats, the girl’s mom decided to give her a new one to care for and be friends with…

The mom got a rescue kitten and gifted it to the girl, surprising her with the animal waiting in her bedroom. Mom was sure her little girl would be very happy with the surprise pet present, so she took a video but what she was able to capture was something that quickly took the internet by storm!

Screenshots from video by

As soon as she realized there was a cat inside the box in her room, she began crying! But those were tears of joy, of course, as she would soon pick up the kitten and hugged it with all her might. She cried her heart out – but everyone knows she was so happy about her precious present.

To date, the video shared by Facebook page has gained over 40 million views, with most netizens praising the girl and commenting that she was truly a precious one who loves cats so much. Others noted how she had such the sweetest, most heartfelt reaction to getting a pet!

The viral video has greatly affected a lot of people who commented that they cried a tear or two while watching the video…

Watch this adorable video and be prepared to cry:

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