Priest Retires to a New Town…But Everyone Appears to Know Him! Cool Mystery…

When Fr. Neil Richardson moved to Braintree, Essex, after retirement, he was confused why the people he meet would wave hello at him and greet, “Hello, John!” It was not just a few local residents who did that, but actually quite a lot.

Considering he has never been to Braintree before, he was rather perplexed. He soon realized that there was another person who was quite well known in town, 74-year-old John Jemison, who looked almost exactly like him!

Photo credit: YouTube/BNews
Photo credit: YouTube/BNews

The residents soon arranged for them to meet – and what a lovely meeting it was! The two had fun comparing their lives and had a good laugh at how they had lived parallel lives but had never met each other. In fact, they had even gone to the same school, became teachers, and later became headmasters! They also enjoyed singing in choirs.

Are these identical twins separated at birth or simply twin strangers? Either way, it is still cool. I’d love to meet my twin stranger someday…