Principal Takes Over Understaffed Cafeteria, Serves Food to Schoolchildren

It was a typical morning at Mead Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas, with its cafeteria bustling with kids, hungry for their breakfast. However, the cafeteria was understaffed that day, with several of its employees out on sick leave. Three lines of hungry kids have already formed and breakfast has to be served.

Knowing that about 400 students are lining up for breakfast, Principal Annette Lopez put on a hairnet, gloves, and an apron and started serving food to the children. She felt that it was her duty to step in and help out.

Image from Mead Elementary

The kids were delighted when they saw that the principal is also the cafeteria lady serving their breakfast. Some were a bit confused, telling her that she is the principal. She made it clear to the students that it does not matter what one’s job title is. She added that if someone needs help, they should help out.

Word got around, and the teachers soon heard that the principal is serving at the cafeteria. Soon, the teachers took pictures of her which were uploaded and shared through the school’s Twitter account.  The photos went viral, and Annette has become an instant celebrity after the students and the teachers spread the word about what she did.