Private School Offers Free Tuition Plus Board and Lodging for ‘Ice Boy’, But Kicks Him Out a Week Later

Remember Wang Fuman, the ‘Ice Boy’ from China who got the moniker after he went viral for his frozen hair which he got while walking to school in the freezing cold without wearing winter clothes? Well, when his plight went viral, people and organizations scrambled to offer help.

But things weren’t as bright for this kid as the internet thought.

Of the over $77,500 donations collected in his name, Zhaotong Youth Development Foundation only gave him a total of $1,200. The charity organization said the rest of the money will go to other less fortunate children in the region.

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His father, Wang Gangkui, quit his job in the big city after being offered a job at a local construction company so he could spend more time with the family. Recently, however, Gangkui revealed he hasn’t started yet because the company doesn’t have work available for him at the moment.

Then, a private school near his home offered him a scholarship, providing him free tuition fees as well as board and lodging so he wouldn’t have to trek each day just to go to school. Sounds great, right?

Fuman’s old primary school didn’t have central heating
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Well, it was great at the start until he was kicked out a week later because the school couldn’t handle having a famous student. Heartbreaking.

Yang, the headmaster at Xinhua school explained:

At first, I didn’t know … but later, I found out that Fuman had been identified by the Ministry of Education as a key figure to be helped in the government’s poverty alleviation efforts. There are very few such pupils in the whole Yunnan province.

As a result, during these days of having him in my school, we received numerous requests from various levels of government departments to inspect us. Many media outlets also insisted on interviewing us. It was impossible for me to reject many of these requests.

Photo credit: Bored Panda

He promised to help the family in a more ‘low-key’ manner’. For instance, he gave Gangkui 15,000 yuan ($2,400) when he came to pick up his son. Gangkui expressed disappointment that Fuman was kicked out after only a week but Yang insisted he just wants to run an ‘ordinary’ school and stay out of the spotlight.

Of course, Fuman was devastated.

The teachers taught better than those at Zhuanshanbao Primary School. Pupils don’t talk in class and everyone is focused on studying.

I lived there and didn’t need to walk a long way to get to school. I only needed to join running exercises every morning.

I ate better, too. Unlike at home, when my granny is busy, my sister and I need to find food for ourselves … because we don’t know how to cook, we just boil potatoes, but at Xinhua school I ate so many different things.

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Now that he’s back to his ramshackle house, trekking every day to his old primary school, his only wish is for his mother to come back home. The woman had left the family about two years ago.

We don’t want to search for you any longer, I wish that you were like other mothers, beating me and scolding me, at least that way you would be back by my side,” Fuman wrote his mom on Chinese New Year.

Sadly, they still haven’t heard from her…