Pro Biker with Expensive Gear, Beaten Up Mountain Road by Old Man in ‘Ordinary’ Bike

Professional bikers love the sport so much that they are willing to spend a lot of money on gear, clothing, and most especially on their bikes! Did you know that there are bikes more expensive than motorcycles and even some that are almost as costly as a compact car?

Well, there’s this video of a pro biker with expensive gear [though we really can’t give a professional assessment on how expensive that gear might be] who was riding up a steep mountain road.

Screenshot from video by bikemap

Even with his expensive gear and long hours of training, it was clear that the mountain path was a challenge to cycle up to.

Amazingly, he encountered an old man who was also going up the path. The local had an ‘ordinary’ bike which was probably not even half the price of the pro biker’s bike. But considering that and the fact that the other guy was much older than he was, the pro biker still ‘lost’ that uphill climb to the local!

As the biker struggles to move his bike up that mountain path, the old man simply stared at him and calmly cycled on as if he wasn’t cycling uphill at all! That was truly amazing to watch…


It’s your legs, not the price tag of your bike!

Posted by Bikemap on Friday, January 13, 2017