Proof of Eternal Love? Skeletons of Couple Buried Alive, Discovered Hugging and Kissing Each Other

Estimated to have died in 800 BC, a couple was found locked in an eternal embrace some 2,800 years later! Called the “Hansanlu Lovers”, the two were discovered back in 1972 at archaeological site Teppe Hasanlu in northwestern Iran.

Archaeologists digging at the site have established that the village they are digging had been part of a great war but they were shocked to find a bunker where they saw a pair of skeletons hugging each other! The man had his arms around the woman while she was turned towards him – and they appeared to be kissing.

Photo credit: Twitter/@GroovyHistorian
Photo credit: Twitter/@GroovyHistorian

The scientists believe that these two had been hiding in the bunker during a raid in that great war but the ground collapsed over them, resulting to their untimely deaths. The man had a gaping hole on his head but it was unknown whether he sustained the injury when the bunker collapsed or whether this hole was created by some outside force some years or centuries later.

It would have been a terrible ***** for these two – and it was quite possible that the man died from that wound while the woman had to endure hugging him in ***** before she suffocated yet their skeletons, locked in that eternal embrace, touched every romantic heart who saw their photo.

Indeed, it was a terrible ***** but it was made beautiful by their eternal love…

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