Proof of Unconditional Love: Homeless People and Their Pets

Home is where the heart is” – a saying that holds a very dear meaning to the homeless people who have found a “home” in the company of their pets.

Yes, there is a huge problem with homelessness, not just in the US but in many places across the world. Yet there is also this big reality that there are several of these homeless people who continue to own pets despite clearly not being able to afford them.

Some of these homeless people even have a difficult time searching for food and shelter for themselves yet they continue to keep their pets. Why? The answer is quite simple: unconditional love.

The homeless person could not bear to give up the pet for adoption/re-homing while the pet would surely want to stay in the arms of its master, no matter how poor the living conditions might be. Even without a house for themselves, with love, they still have a home.

Watch this heartwarming video:

So, why do homeless people take pets even if they could hardly feed themselves? A number of psychologists believe this is because these people are lonely, often ostracized from society. People shun them but animals don’t! Oftentimes, it is these pets that make them feel that they have someone to love and care for, who would also love them back.

It’s just sad that they find companionship in animals; however, it also makes us happy that at least they have found something that would make them feel happy.

And this is really proof of unconditional love!