Prophet Predicts WW3 Might Occur Within Just a Few Weeks

Part of Nostrdamous predictions’ for the year 2017 is World War 3 and lots of people are scared of what is about to happen.  It seems that his prediction might come true as another prophet predicted the same thing.  He foretold that Donald Trump’s presidency is the start of the war.

Horacio Villegas believed that war would start during the 100th anniversary of the visitation of Our Lady of Fatima.  He was right when he predicted that Trump would win the US presidency back in 2015. Adding that the billionaire would eventually become the “Illuminati King”, which would be the one responsible for WW3.

world war 3
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This is a serious matter since one of his predictions already came true when the US leader attacked Syria.  This already took place as America has recently launched an air strike on an airbase in Homs.

He also predicted that this would bring Russia, North Korea and China into global conflict and if the prophecy is right then there might be war within just a few weeks.

lady of fatima
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Our Lady of Fatima is believed to be the Virgin Mary, which is the mother of Jesus.  It is claimed that the saint visited Portugal on six different occasions. The first one was back in May 13, 1917.

This was the day when the Lady of Fatima said that if Russia would not be converted to the faith then God would use the country to wreak havoc on the world.

The last visitation is believed to have occurred on October 13, 1917, where she said:

“The war is going to end, and the soldiers will soon return to their homes.”

Source :

Buzzooks, Mirror

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