Proud Daughter Shares Photo of 80-Year-Old Dedicated Mom Still Working at McDonalds

While many old people in the US and many parts of the world are either in nursing homes or lying in their beds because they are too old to move about, Mary Ann Brown who will be turning 80 this coming June 29, 2016 is still quite healthy – and the dedicated great grandmother still works at McDonalds every day!

Her proud daughter, Debby Brown Peers, shares Mary Ann’s photo with Facebook page, Love What Matters, to show to the world that this wonderful woman who happens to be her mom, is a hardworking and dedicated woman who wouldn’t let old age stop her from doing something that she loves to do!

Photo credit: Facebook -Debby Brown Peers/Love What Matters
Photo credit: Facebook -Debby Brown Peers/Love What Matters

Debby also revealed that her mom has been married with her dad for over 64 years – reminding us all that true love still exists and that forever with your loved one is still possible!

Advanced happy birthday, Mary Ann! May you have lots of birthdays to come…

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