Proud Husband was Taking Photos of Pregnant Wife on the Beach When Something Appears in View… This is Awesome!

The ocean is a lovely backdrop for a maternity photoshoot; thus, Dan Mozer took a number of snapshots of his lovely wife Angeline while she posed at Atlantic Beach near Jacksonville, FL.

Knowing that there were dolphins in the area because someone had pointed out to them some dorsal fins sticking out of the water, Dan quickly set the camera on burst mode and began taking shots of Angeline.

Sure enough, one of the shots showed a dolphin leaping out of the water! The awesome photo soon made waves on the internet after the proud dad shared it on social media. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a dolphin and a pregnant woman in one place.

Photo credit: Dan Mozer/Uplifting Forever
Photo credit: Dan Mozer/Uplifting Forever

Dan credits the dolphins’ appearance to their unborn son, Courtland. He believes that the boy ‘summoned’ those beautiful sea creatures from the womb! This is so cute!


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