Puzzling Photo of Hugging Couple Goes Viral… Can You Tell Who’s in Front?

It is pretty obvious that this couple is hugging each other – but who’s facing the camera and who’s the one facing the sea?

At first glance (or if you look at the couple at the upper angle), the snapshot shows that it is the guy who is facing the sea but when you look lower, the optical illusion starts – and it makes you wonder whether it is actually the girl who is facing the sea!

To date, over 1.6 million people viewed the puzzling photo which was aptly captioned, “My brain hurts…”

Can you solve the puzzle?

Photo credit: Imgur/ JDssSme - Deccan Chronicle
Photo credit: Imgur/ JDssSme – Deccan Chronicle

Well, the answer is actually quite simple and could be easily solved if you just look at the two people’s heads and feet. It is definitely the guy who is facing the sea – judging from the way his head is facing towards the sea and his feet point to the sea.

The optical illusion just happened because of his shorts, the inner thigh part of which is colored white while the outer thigh side is blue.

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