Quintuplets are All Working Students at the Same McDonald’s

Raising quintuplets is certainly a challenging and quite expensive thing, especially because they have to undergo a lot of things at the same time, including going to school (which can be really expensive!) and things like that.

In Potterville, Michigan, a set of quintuplets understand just how difficult it is for their parents to send them all to school, feed them, clothe them, and provide for all their needs. So, they thought it would be a good idea to help out.

Lucas, Lauren, Leith, Lindsay and Logan Curtis found work at the local McDonald’s outlet. Since they are non-identical, the customers don’t really know that they are quintuplets but what’s more important is that these five are doing something to help their parents out and are also training for their future jobs.

We call it McCurtis,” their mom joked.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News
Photo credit: Yahoo! News

We did some research and heard from other friends that working at McDonald’s is a great place to work. It’s cool that I can rely on my siblings to get our work done and collaborate with them at work,” said Lucas.

Restaurant manager Jennifer Walters revealed, “When they’re working with their brothers and sisters, it made it easier for them learn their jobs. They work very well together and are all becoming very strong in their respective areas.

The restaurant even allowed the quintuplets to work on the same shift, giving them a chance to save on gas money and spend time with each other even if they are assigned in different parts of the restaurant.

They go to work in one car and simply pitch in for gas. Lindsey works in the lobby while Lauren handles the drive-thru. The guys work in the kitchen.

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Yahoo! News

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