Quintuplets Wow Netizens after Graduating in 5 Different Courses from the Same School

They have shared a lot of things their entire life, including the same womb at the same time, their birthdays, the schools they were in since kindergarten, their homes, and many others but the Diaz twins from Texas have added another one on the list: sharing the same graduation day!

Enna, Maria, Emilio, George, and John Diaz amazed netizens after they graduated in 5 different courses from the same school, the University of North Texas.

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But while they do share a lot of things and have many in common, the quintuplets all agreed that they were also independent individuals with different goals, interests, and plans in life.

The eldest, Enna, took up Biology and plans to become a physician while Maria ended up studying art and design, minor in advertising.

John is focused on international business and has taken up Spanish as major, George on finance as he wants to work in taxation, and Emilio on communication as he wants to have his own radio show.

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Despite having different courses and different interests, however, the quintuplets ended up still being each other’s study buddies. They lived in adjacent dorms in their freshman and sophomore years but moved into one apartment for the rest of their studies so they can be together.

Even in their freshman years, the five would flock to the library to study. College might be a huge challenge to most people but with built-in tutors and study buddies, the quintuplets had it rather easy.

Aside from studying together, the five also worked part-time to support their studies. Their father, a salesman, couldn’t possibly afford to send them all to school, especially because their mother is a stay-at-home-mom; thus, the five decided to work.

They also took student loans and availed of the university’s financial aid program.

Photo credit: SWNS

As the five graduated, their dad George was quite proud of their achievements; after all, when they were born in July 1996, he had no idea whether he could even send them to school!

It’s not every day that you have one kid graduate from college let alone five,” he said.

Now that they have graduated from college, the five might now experience life apart from each other but for sure, they are still going to see each other often and work as a team, if they could.

Congratulations to you all!

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