Railroad Worker Risks Life to Save Drunk Man from Getting Hit by Train

A railroad worker is being hailed as a hero after he risked his own life to save a drunk man from getting hit by a train.

In what is believed to be a CCTV footage taken along the railway tracks, a few railroad workers could be seen in the background while a lone person soon appeared and began walking over the tracks. While there was no train in sight at the time, one was soon approaching but the drunk man did not notice.

On he went trying to cross the railroad track, pulling his bike and some belongings along. He did manage to toss his bike to safety but because his belongings were still on the track, he nonchalantly picked them up without knowing that a train was barreling in his direction.

Screenshot of video by Globe Today / Facebook
Screenshot of video by Globe Today / Facebook

Seeing both the train and the drunk man, the railroad workers ran towards the latter in hopes that they could get him to safety. At the last second, one of the railroad workers risked his own life by lunging towards the man and sending them both to safety on the other side of the track.

The other workers caught up with the two and helped their colleague while the drunk man began collecting his stuff again like nothing spectacular just happened – perhaps he really had no idea how close to dying he had been!

Check out this video and tell us what you think:

Posted by Globe Today on Thursday, October 27, 2016

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