Rare Condition Keeps Teen Trapped in a Baby’s Body, But Doesn’t Stop Her from Living Her Dreams

At 17 years old, Teo Pei Shan of Singapore is not like other teens who are having fun in school and hanging out with their friends. In fact, you might think she’s still a little baby until you watch her amaze you with her colorful drawings and incredible piano skills!

Born with an extremely rare condition called Sanfilippo disease, Pei Shan is literally trapped inside a baby’s body. She is unable to grow up even as her years advanced.

Photo credit: Pei Shan Tabitha / Facebook

But her body’s growth is not the only problem that Pei Shan had to face because she also developed complications that became a challenge not just to her but also to her loving parents.

Each time we thought we’d overcome one hurdle, another blow would hit us and we would have to go through the roller-coaster ride of suffering and emotions,” her dad, Teo Qi Kuan, said.

Due to Pei Shan’s condition, her mother Chew Siew Cheng had to quit her job, leaving it up to Qi Kuan to support the family with his job as taxi driver. Thankfully, a lot of people were willing to help Pei Shan after learning about her condition.

Some celebrities even pitched in to help the family; thus, Pei Shan was able to live a comfortable life despite the condition.

Photo credit: Pei Shan Tabitha / Facebook

Despite her body remaining as small as baby and requiring an oxygen mask at all times, Pei Shan was able to live some of her dreams. She learned how to draw and paint – and she even learned how to play the piano.

It was rather bittersweet to watch this baby-like teen playing the piano as if it was her escape from the difficult life she lives.

Photo credit: Pei Shan Tabitha / Facebook

Sadly, heaven called back the little angel just 2 weeks shy of her birthday. Her parents were devastated but also felt somewhat thankful that her suffering has ended. Knowing that she was no longer in pain made her passing easier to accept.

She lived her life to make people smile. She was a blessing to me, too. I believe she is in heaven now,” said her piano teacher.

Photo credit: Pei Shan Tabitha / Facebook

Even the funeral director was touched by Pei Shan’s life.

There were many well-wishers and donors who wanted to pay their final respects. It is never easy for parents to have to grieve for their child. As a parent myself, I feel for them. I hope Pei Shan’s positive outlook in life will inspire them to move forward,” he said.

Rest in peace, Pei Shan! You are happy in heaven now…