Reddit User Transforms Cooler to a Piece of Art. You Can Do it Too!

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Wait till you see how ShutupLori, a Reddit user, transformed it from a just too plain cooler to an awesome and epic one..

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Here are her instructions: (credits to her profile/site on Reddit, which you can find here.

 1. Used 5/8″ plywood.

2. I used wood glue and a finish nailer.

3. Don’t forget to drill a hole for your drain valve.

4. I do not have the exact measurements. The bottom piece is an exact of the length and width of the cooler top.

5. The height I made right up to the top of the bottom part of the cooler.

6. The bottom part of the cooler does not attach to the box in any way. Except maybe the drain actually going through the box. The box is so tight that it really won’t move around in transport. But, not so tight that you can’t pull it out if you want to.

7. When measuring the top half make up for the difference in how high the bottom box is. The actual lid to the cooler will stick out of the top wood cover. I did this by placing the cooler top on and building the top around it while it was like that.

8. You can make the top half taller or shorter, what ever looks good to you.

9. Just measure across to recreate the supports I put in so that the lid will not fall out or push up when it is closed.  These are secured by 4 stainless steel screws.

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Wow.. Just imagine doing all this effort to come up with an awesome piece of art.. 

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But really, if you’re an artist, and if you really want to create something, you wouldn’t think of the effort you’ll be exerting, because all you’ll be thinking is the end-product of your creativity. 

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After all the tedious work, ta-daaa! Your very own cooler turned pirate treasure box!

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Who would think that even a simple cooler can turn into COOL with just a few twists and turns? 🙂

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