Remember Guy Goma? He’s the Guy Who Went to BBC for a Job Interview But Ends Up Live on Air!

Unemployed at the time, Guy Goma had gone to BBC some 10 years ago for a job interview but a mix up led to him being interviewed live on the News Channel as music expert Guy Kewney! Ooops.

Fortunately, this guy (pun intended) knew how to handle things. He could have easily embarrassed the show’s hosts by telling them that he wasn’t Guy Kewney the music expert but Guy Goma the unemployed computer technician looking for a job.

Photo credit: Blogger

He knew, however, that doing so would lead to a more embarrassing drama so he carried on and tried to answer the questions as best as he could; though a lot of people were surprised why the BBC expert didn’t have much to say about the questions he was asked.

The mix-up was soon discovered and Guy proceeded to his job interview. Sadly, while he played a somewhat convincing stint on live TV, the network didn’t accept him for the job he was applying for. Still, he became an internet legend as the moment is often listed as one of the ‘greatest’ cases of mistaken identity to ever happen on live TV.

Check out how he handled the situation in this hilarious video: