Rescue Dog Returns the Favor, Saves 3-Year-Old Girl Lying Naked in the Ditch

A family who adopted a rescue dog from the shelter expressed gratitude after the canine rescued a 3-year-old girl who was lying naked and curled up outside in the ditch. Cops believe the child could have died in the freezing cold if the dog did not rescue it!

Amazingly, the circumstances behind the rescue were incredible.

A family had adopted a dog from Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba, Michigan who was found starving and severely injured back in April 2016. Its name was Petunia but the family renamed her Peanut when they took her home.

Photo credit: Delta Animal Shelter / Facebook

Fast forward to March 2017, they noticed the dog acting rather strangely one morning. Without apparent cause, Peanut began barking incessantly and running around the house, asking to be let out. When the wife ignored her, Peanut ran to the husband who was at the garage.

The puzzled man opened the door to let the dog out – and it took off running to a nearby field as fast as its previously injured little legs could carry.

Photo credit: Little Things / Wikipedia

The man chased after the dog and was surprised to find a naked little girl curled up in the ditch by herself. He quickly wrapped the girl in his sweater, took her back into their house, and called 911.

The child seemed really scared and could only say “doggie” when the cops arrived. An ambulance took her to the hospital while the cops investigated the matter. They discovered that she lived at a nearby house but described what they saw as “unsafe and unsanitary living conditions at the residence”.

Another child was rescued from the house and both children are now under the custody of Child Protective Services. It is still unknown how the girl ended up naked at the ditch.

Photo credit: Delta Animal Shelter / Facebook

But everyone was amazed that the rescue dog returned the favor and rescued the little girl and saved her life!

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